Sesame Street Sweaterettes

I joke that I'm the love child of Oscar the Grouch and Eeyore.  People laugh when I say that but I wish it was funny from my end…  In college my friends and I had (and still use) nicknames from Winnie the Pooh.  I didn’t even bat an eye when I was elected as Eeyore. ... Continue Reading →


I spent the weekend unraveling things.  By all means this is nothing new, I make mistakes all the time.  I even have a system when I mess up, it’s called The Seven Stages of Stupidity: Curse and scream Wonder why I didn’t listen to the voice in my head/read the pattern correctly/listen to Alexis Try... Continue Reading →

Tick Tock Hearts Cowl

I was bored the other day so I thought of checking the Swatch website.  Now, when I get bored the lengths I'll go to amuse myself range from extreme (getting a tattoo) to mild (starting my 35th WIP).  I think buying a watch leans towards the mild side.  Besides, what are the odds of finding... Continue Reading →

How to Set Up Yarn for Dyeing

I like to prepare my yarn for dyeing by adding more ties to the yarn so it doesn't become a soggy mess during, and after, the process. Cut 8-9" lengths of cotton or bamboo (do NOT use wool, it could felt to your yarn).  If your yarn is thick, cut longer strands. 2.  Split your... Continue Reading →

Humphrey Bakes a Cake!

Humphrey the Unicorn is one of my patterns up on Ravelry: Humphrey the Unicorn He's so cute I decided to chronicle some of his (mis)adventures.  Humphrey is very kind-hearted but doesn't always think things through when he gets an idea in his head. Here's his adventure baking a Unicorn Cake.  Will he succeed or crash and... Continue Reading →

Yarn Chicken

I’m playing yarn chicken.  Again.  It makes me feel alive, the rush when you don’t know if you’ll make it and you end up knitting with the tail of your cast-on for the last row.  I knit faster when I play this game, I think it’s because I’m desperate to see if I’ll win.  I... Continue Reading →


I made a patch!  Much to my surprise it came out GREAT!  Much to my dismay the sweater I was planning on sewing it on probably won't fit me, too small.

The “Finish Something” Punch Card

I need to finish something.  Anything.  I can’t walk in my bedroom anymore, the WIPs are taking over.  I’m starting to feel like a hoarder.  And I ordered more yarn with a gift card.  I don’t know where to put that either.  I’ll worry about it when it comes. I sat and thought about what... Continue Reading →

Let me teach you to knit, or else!

“I won’t bother you again, I promise.” *Groans* “Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease!!!!!!!” *Glare* “Just one hour, if you don’t like it I’ll never bother you again, I promise, just try it!” *Sigh* I win!  That’s how most of my interactions go when I offer knitting lessons to my family. My Mom had great tension, all of her stitches... Continue Reading →

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