My Knitting History

My knitting adventures begun in 2009.  I remember it like it was yesterday…  I had a couple of hours to kill before a tap dancing class so I stopped into Lee’s Art Shop and found a Boye’s Teach Yourself to Knit kit.  It came with a thin booklet and short knitting needles.  I picked up some cheap acrylic yarn and headed over to Columbus Circle.

I sat there for 3 hours struggling and almost missed my dance class.  My conclusions: knitting is evil; I’ll stick to crochet, thankyouverymuch.

Then in November 2010 my Grandmother had passed away.  My Mom, Aunt and I were cleaning out her apartment (well I was crocheting).  My Aunt had come over to me with these very long and thin metal US2 knitting needles and asked if I wanted them.  By this point I had grown bored of crocheting all morning so I figured I’d give knitting another go.  Without any book this time, I did whatever I remembered and I actually got a piece of fabric at the end.  Somehow I remembered the knit stitch.  I couldn’t figure out how to purl so when I got back home I dug up the booklet and figured it out.  Then the addiction began.  Like, serious addiction, so bad that I have yarn at work hidden from my Mom (also ‘cause there’s no more room in our apartment).

My Grandmother, unknowingly, gave me an amazing gift that changed my life.  No one in the family remembers her knitting, we don’t know where the needles actually came from, they were the only ones in the sewing box.  I still use those needles to this day, and I remain thankful for a craft which has given me so much.

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