Waiting for the Mail

I thought I would write about how I finished 5 test knits (3 adult sweaters, 2 baby items) during the NY on Pause, but I have a funnier topic.

My Mom is going stir-crazy, more than me. She likes doing Word Finds and other puzzles but it’s not something than can occupy anyone for more than a couple of hours at a time. So she has a new hobby, staring out the window and giving me a blow-by-blow replay of the block’s random going-ons.

“Paul’s daughters are playing outside, did you hear that pop? Their basketball just exploded.”
I looked up, that’s kind of interesting, I did hear it, I thought a car had backfired.

“There’s a FedEx truck, are you expecting anything? I can’t remember if we have anything coming from FedEx.”
“No, I didn’t order anything, when is your Amazon stuff supposed to come?”
”Not yet, your mayo got delayed to next week.”

“Did you order any yarn? There are two USPS trucks outside.”
“No. Do you want me to order yarn?”

I’m dumbfounded, this is the first time, ever, that my Mom doesn’t mind when I order yarn, just so she can check out the mail trucks. And here I am actually trying to stash-bust.
“I did order some cables but they’re back ordered from Germany. I didn’t get a confirmation that they’re on the way yet.”
“Why Germany?”
“They make them there.”
“Ok, when you know they’re coming let me know, I’ll keep an eye out.”

“Kalliopi, Kalliopi!
“Guess what I just saw! A guy picking up laundry in a car! Two bags of it, from the lady next door. Shoot, he just left.”
“Was there a phone number on the side of the car?”
”Well if you see him again let me know, I’ll run down to ask him which laundromat he’s from.”

The Next Day

“Kalliopi, Kalliopi!
“He’s there, he came back, hurry, run down, he’s going to leave soon, he’s dropping bags off.”
“Yell at him from the window, tell him to wait.”
“Sir, SIR!!!

Cripes, the whole neighborhood can hear her.

Long story short, I got the website, had the laundry done, they did a great job, I’m just missing a Tootsie Roll sock. Sacrifices must be made.

You might be wondering why getting the laundry done is so exciting.

Here are my reasons:

  1. I live in NY
  2. I don’t have a car
  3. The laundromat is three blocks away
  4. I walk there with a shopping cart (try pushing that through the snow or in the intense heat)
  5. It’s a yucky laundromat, kids use the carts to play go-carting in
  6. The seats are uncomfortable
  7. There are never free dryers
  8. I always leave angry

I will happily endure the loss of the occasional sock if I can avoid all of the above.

I plan on having more laundry for pickup next week. It’ll give my Mom an excuse to look out the window for the car.

P.S. I actually DID NOT, I repeat, DID NOT order any new yarn. As of 2 weeks ago, that is.

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