The Rhinebeck Rush

I made a mistake.  I bit off more than I could chew.  You might be thinking, “but Kally, that’s nothing new for you.”  Yeah, but this time I’m drowning and I’m actually setting amounts of knitting that has to be completed each night.  20 rounds of a sleeve to be exact.

I promised my Aunt a Rhinebeck sweater, it’s her first time coming, she must have a sweater.  I knit it pretty quickly, except for the sleeves, it’s always Sleeve Island with me.  And I think I have to redo the ribbing of one sleeve so it tapers more. It’s in a basket by the couch giving me the side eye.

I promised my Mom a birthday sweater.  Two birthdays ago.  Then it became a VK LIVE sweater.  Then it became a Rhinebeck sweater.  Guess what? It’s missing sleeves.

I joined the Brooklyn Tweed Seamark KAL.  It’s knit flat.  I finished in a month, the entire sweater.  Yay!  Bonus, it fits.

I signed up for a test knit. It’s a very large shawl.  I met the first target completion date.  The sleeves are still staring at me, will I meet the final completion date?  It’s a mystery To Be Continued…

The 12” Addi needles (which I’m totally in love with) are on one of my sweaters.  I need those specific needles for my Mom’s sweater.  So I have to finish my sweater first.  20 rounds a night.  Netflix must love me.  Sometimes I think I need more of a social life…

And then at Knit@Nite Brini asked me what my fall knitting plans are.  And they’re actually to knit a bit less.  I know, sounds weird, and no, I don’t have a fever.  I think I overdid the knitting this summer/fall.  I was knitting on the subway, knitting during lunch, knitting till the wee hours of the morning and it’s too much for me. I had other hobbies and they’ve been on the back burner for way too long.  I have books to finish reading, resin to finish experimenting with, spinning to try to improve on, watercolors to figure out, and I want to try machine knitting.  Still fiber arts but different modes.

I will try to finish everything in time, they are after all mostly deadlines I’ve set upon myself, and then, come October, new crafty adventures await!

FYI: None of this is going to stop me from buying a s***load of yarn at Rhinebeck.

FYI 2: The sweater in the picture is the Seamark Pullover by Rachel Brockman



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  1. OMG. You are a knitting fiend my friend. I know you will finish those sleeves before Rhinebeck. And yes you deserve more yarn! Don’t tell your mom I said so. Lol

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