An Ode to Mom

My Mom doesn’t knit,
but she can recognize ribbing and cables.

My Mom doesn’t spin,
but she can pick out Merino.

She doesn’t quite understand my obsession with yarn hoarding,
but she always helps add to the yarn cabinet.

She’ll happily come to knitting conventions and events to hang out,
and when people ask if she made her sweater she proudly says,
“No, my daughter did.”

And despite her protests she let me teach her just once,
and her tension was great,
but the knitting bug didn’t stick (damn.)

She’s great at picking out colors,
even though she doesn’t believe me when I tell her that,
she just says “They go good together.”

She’s my Instagram Mom,
following me with my cell phone camera, which she hates using,
but going from taking 50 photos with 3 useable to
16 photos with 10 useable!

She taught me to needlepoint when I was a child,
a plastic kit my Dad had bought from Germany.
It’s a pink teddy bear on a blue background.
It was probably the first time I’ve ever held yarn,
and I haven’t put it down since.

So when people ask me if my Mom taught me to knit,
I say no, I learned from a book,
but she was my springboard, she got me started,
and now she’s my biggest cheerleader.
When I mope about messing up,
she supports me and listens,
even though she doesn’t know what I’m talking about
when I go on about “the math not working.”

So this is an ode (sort of) to my Mom and all the non-knitters
who support us crafters.

Thank you.

* And it’s a slightly buttering up story, Mom, I bought some yarn yesterday…
It’ll be coming in a few days…

** And a shout out to my Aunt who taught me to crochet with Red Heart yarn in an IHOP ages ago.



5 thoughts on “An Ode to Mom

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  1. Great story, I know what it’s like to be a mom and want to support your daughter’s passion. Hurray for moms! And hurray for you Kally, the best knitting teacher anyone can have.


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