I “Only” Have 28 Projects Left

I was guest host at Knit@Nite a few weeks back.  It was a blast but I made the mistake of casually mentioning that I’m working on 31 projects.  Sort of.  Some are from 2013, which is pretty cool since I had started knitting in 2009/2010.  I think I should get an award for Longest Procrastination.

Knit@Nite is baffled at how I could have so many unfinished projects (honestly though, it’s very easy). So I promised to let them vote on what I should finish next.  I am going to try to become knit-monogamous.  I know myself well enough to know it probably won’t last long but I’ll do my best.

After subliminally trying to push Navelli (it didn’t work), Rosarito by This.Bird.Knits won.  I suppose it makes sense to finish it since it’s 80% done and only has a mere half-a-million ends to weave in.  I really do enjoy this sweater, it’s just that I had lost momentum after needing to order more of the Madtosh yarn.  Did I know from the get-go that I’d need more of the Madtosh minis? Of course.  Then why use them in the first place?  Well duh, so I could order more yarn in the same shipment.

Anywho, a fire has been lit under me, I am motivated.  As of today that is, since I fell asleep on the couch last night.  My goal is to finish it by next Tuesday.  My super ultimate goal is to finish one project each week so I can proudly stand tall on the Club Cumming stage and bask in the glory of Having Accomplished Something*

* Just roll with my delusion please.  I know I’m not kidding anybody, I’ll have started 3 more projects over the weekend just because it’s a 3 day weekend…

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