Sesame Street Sweaterettes

I joke that I’m the love child of Oscar the Grouch and Eeyore.  People laugh when I say that but I wish it was funny from my end…  In college my friends and I had (and still use) nicknames from Winnie the Pooh.  I didn’t even bat an eye when I was elected as Eeyore.  Fast-forward 16 years or so and Amanda had a great idea of knitting Sesame Street inspired sweaters for Halloween.  I called Oscar for myself.  No one was surprised.  I mean, I am the one after all, who looks at Fran’s picture of the full moon and notices in the foreground the plastic garbage bag stuck in the tree.

Humor me as I digress from knitting for one more paragraph; as my Mom and I were having dinner yesterday I asked her why it is comedians are funny when they talk about how miserable they are.  Is it because it’s easier to relate to misery than joy?  It eliminates jealousy from the picture?  Maybe I’ll never know.  Or maybe I should Google it or crack open a Psych 101 book.

Back to knitting.  We each picked characters, then it was time to pick yarn and patterns.  I think it was around December 2018 when Amanda had the idea but knitters gotta start early, new pretty yarn gets distracting, we’d all need around a year to finish.  I was going to play it smart.  Go stash diving, dye some mohair I already had.  So what if the green wasn’t the exactshade as Oscar?  It’s an homage to him anyway, I wasn’t going to put his face on the sweater (which was my original idea).

That night, tossing and turning in bed.  It’s not the right shade of green… you know that’s going to drive you crazy.  Shut up shut up shut up.  I’m dying the yarn anyway.

I’m going to make the same pattern as Tellina.  Nope, switching to a pattern Alexis once made.  Nope, switching back.  Ooohh, would you look at that, a new Boyland Knitworks pattern using mohair!  It was meant to be!  Wait, I don’t have green fingering.  Or enough mohair.  Hmmm…

Walking with Tellina:
Tellina: “I picked up my Telly Monster yarn from WEBS.”
Me: “Huh?  You went up to Northampton?  When?  And why didn’t you invite me?”
Tellina: “No, they deliver for free to String, I picked it up there.”
Me: Wheels turning at 100 miles per minute

Two weeks later and I’m the proud owner of 3 skeins of Madelinetosh Twist Light in Joshua Tree and 6 skeins of Plymouth Yarn Kid Gloss in a really really odd shade of green, which explains the half-off price.

Armed with the Iskald pattern and after searching thirty minutes for US 5 needles (BTW: I’m out of Addi Click cables, I don’t understand, I have 2 full Click sets AND extra cables AND I still had to order a supplementary 5-pack, whattheheck?) I was able to start.

My Notes:

  • I started so I can take this to Florida to work on during my vacation
  • Yes, it’s going to be hot
  • Did I say I’m using mohair?
  • As a general rule I don’t like mohair but this stuff is amazing. It’s really soft and fluffy, I wasn’t expecting that
  • It’s getting in my eye. My right eye to be specific.  It’s always itchy when I pick it up.  My mantra, “I’m not allergic, I’m not allergic”
  • It looks JUST LIKE OSCAR!!! I can’t believe it, I’m mesmerized, I’m really enjoying working on it, way more than I had expected. I’m also enjoying the pattern so much I might make a second sweater

It’s still in early stages, and I’m supposed to be finishing something else, but I’ll post this article with a picture as soon as my new phone arrives (old one fell into the biggest snow puddle and amazingly only the camera broke.  And the part where you actually use the phone to call people, but who does that?).

And in case you were wondering the other girls are knitting:

Amanda:  Ernie: Amanda had been talking about an Ernie sweater for ages.  The bright colors will look great on her!

Alexis: Cookie Monster:  Alexis got me hooked on Oatmeal Raisin cookies.  Alexis, if you read this will you make me more with those organic raisins?  I dream about those cookies.

Tomoko: Elmo:  Has a cute bubbly personality like Elmo.

Tellina: Telly:  To be honest I don’t remember Telly well but I only met Tellina recently so that’s my association.

Fran: Miss Piggy:  Very stylish ladies.

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  1. You outdid yourself in the humor department. I love the article. You are in the wrong profession and I don’t mean knitting. LOL


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