I spent the weekend unraveling things.  By all means this is nothing new, I make mistakes all the time.  I even have a system when I mess up, it’s called The Seven Stages of Stupidity:

  • Curse and scream
  • Wonder why I didn’t listen to the voice in my head/read the pattern correctly/listen to Alexis
  • Try to justify the mistake and see if I can just leave it. No one will know if the sweater is 5” too short.  Right?
  • Get a strong coffee
  • Grab my 2 pairs of Gingher scissors
  • Not think through how to fix it
  • Start cutting…

I didn’t say the system wasn’t flawed either…

So, what did I end up doing this weekend besides binge on carbs?

Project #1: Baby Hat: Sounds easy.  2 year-olds are small, won’t take long to work on.  I even had the kid in front of me to test it out on.  I don’t have many dealings with children, but I have now learned that they are very squirmy and reluctant to try on a nice bamboo yarn hand-dyed hat.  His head looked small; cool, I can omit a few of the knit rounds between the decrease rounds at the crown.  I finished quickly, gave it to his mom.  Then the dreaded phone call came.   It’s too small.  What???

Alexis: It’s a pain to take out a cast-on and work downwards.

Me: I’ll just pick up stitches.

Me later that night: Shoot, I’m making a foldable brim, the line will show.  How hard can it be to unravel?  I start picking out the CO one stitch at a time.  I stared at it.  I only got halfway through and I hadn’t actually put the live stitches on the needles. Oh, look bedtime.

Refreshed the next morning: I am so not unraveling.  Out come the scissors (the tiny pair).  The snipping begins.  To be honest I hadn’t thought through exactly what I would be doing BUT in my defense it actually worked.  I cut 2 rows out and was able to get it back on the needles.  Yes, I’m as surprised as you are.


Project #2: Christmas Tree Sweater: It’s a cropped vintage style sweater.  I didn’t gauge swatch (but ironically I did get gauge) and I made my size with 1” negative ease at the bust.  Ha! I’m ahead of the game.  Did I remember that there are other dimensions and that I’m 5’8” and my torso just might be a bit longer?  No………….. and the schematic is actually really good, if I had bothered looking at it.

I tried it on after the shaping part ended (and I had blocked it).  It fit!  It ended under my bust but I still had to add the ribbing.

Alexis/Voice of Reason: Shouldn’t you add more green?  The ribbing is going to start too high.

Me: Naw, I’ll be fine, I want the tree to look more centered on the green.

3 hours later in front of the mirror.  *Tears streaming down my face* (just kidding, I was pissed off).

Me: I look like an overgrown baby.

Amanda: What??? Did you really just say that?

Alexis: *Raises an eyebrow*

Me: I know, I know, I know…


P.S. I’m smiling in the photo because it’s before I tried it on and unraveled it.

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