Tick Tock Hearts Cowl

I was bored the other day so I thought of checking the Swatch website.  Now, when I get bored the lengths I’ll go to amuse myself range from extreme (getting a tattoo) to mild (starting my 35th WIP).  I think buying a watch leans towards the mild side.  Besides, what are the odds of finding a watch that has a knitting pattern on it AND dropped stitches, I mean really?  There was no likelihood of me resisting.  Especially considering that it’s pretty accurate (although the hole in the pattern had to have been made by a virtual moth, the yarn bars are missing, but still good attempt).

My boredom was appeased for all of the 10 minutes of the purchase.  What should I do next…?  Then it hit me, I have yarn in almost the exact same colors from the Webs retreat a year ago.  I was saving it for a cowl, why not make a matching watch/cowl combo?  So I did and if anyone wants the pattern it’s in the pdf below.


BTW: The Valley Yarns Peru is AWESOME, it is so soft and it has amazing stitch definition.

KA5   KA6

Oh, and this is the watch: Amaglia


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