How to Set Up Yarn for Dyeing

I like to prepare my yarn for dyeing by adding more ties to the yarn so it doesn’t become a soggy mess during, and after, the process.

  1. Cut 8-9″ lengths of cotton or bamboo (do NOT use wool, it could felt to your yarn).  If your yarn is thick, cut longer strands.


2.  Split your hank it half and loop the cotton yarn around it and twist.


3.  Make a knot around the second half of the hank.  Make sure the cotton is loose, if it’s too tight the dye won’t penetrate under the tie.


4.  I like to have 4 ties total.  Depending on how I’m dyeing it, I’ll even add a zip tie to make it easier to work with.


Note: You can also dye cakes by injecting dye into the center and working outwards with different colors or creating a gradient.  It’s best to soak the cake in water with white vinegar for the dye to absorb better.

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