The Stash Analysis

I decided to count my stashes.  Yes, like all good knitters it’s plural.  Stashes with an “s”.  I can even go as far as to say “my stashes in multiple locations.”  So here they are in an approximate order of accumulation:

  1. My Grandmother’s Breakfront: This breakfront/china cabinet has been in our family for a long time. It’s moved around to my Aunt, my Uncle’s sister, then to me and my Mom.  I used to use it for books but when I started knitting it got repurposed.  The bottom cabinets are also full of yarn and the drawers hold printed patterns that haven’t been knitted, a small scale to weigh yarn, and random swatches from classes I’ve taken.
  2. The Coffee Table: The coffee table has one drawer full of bags of good quality half skeins and the other drawer has my niddy noddy and winder (I still use my knees most of the time, I’m lazy to set the whole thing up).
  3. My Living Room End Table: Some fiber, polyfill, projects and the notions I use most of the time.
  4. The Bench: The bench has some of the yarn that I’m supposed to design with.
  5. Under the Keyboard: This is a temporary resting place before yarn gets moved somewhere else in the house.
  6. In the Bed Cabinet: My bed has a lot of storage; one side has patterns I’ve already made and notes from classes I’ve taken. They’re in a big binder and also just thrown inside ‘cause I usually don’t feel like sorting them properly.
  7. Big Plastic Knitting Basket: I found a cool plastic bucket that has a knitting pattern on it. I carried it all the way home from Manhattan on the subway.  That has really old unfinished projects in it.
  8. Wooden Crate: Newer projects I haven’t finished.
  9. American Flag Box from Discount Store: Yarn for an afghan I haven’t finished.
  10. Plastic Tub: I’m not sure what’s in it all the way at the bottom. Visibly at least are project bags and yarn for a doll maybe?  She needs arms and legs and the yarn is from the first VK Live.
  11. Bottom Filing Cabinet Drawer: This is at work. It’s back up yarn if I need a lunch project to work on.
  12. My Desk in a Brown Bag: Purl Soho bag. Yes, I had just won an ENTIRE basket of yarn at KNITO at Club Cumming Knit@Nite and then the next day I had gone to Purl Soho to use a gift card.
  13. Green Plastic Bucket: Teaching yarn and needles.
  14. Clear Plastic Bucket: More yarn that I keep at work.

As I went around photographing all this I realized I missed a few on the above list.  I think I’ll skip them though… you get the idea.

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