The Ugly Christmas Sweater Had Too Much Caffeine

I changed my mind.  Again.  But on the bright side it’s better I change my mind before I start knitting.  So perhaps I should say, I’m thinking things through.

I know the point of the Ugly Christmas Sweater (henceforth to be known as UCS) is to be ugly, but if it’s too ugly and I spent all my gift cards on a disaster I’d get annoyed.  So UCS is getting a makeover.

Iterations of the Charts:

Chart 1


Chart 1:
Navy and white:  Looked good then I decided I wanted more color and it didn’t look as good.

Chart 2


Chart 2:
The above with color:  I thought it looked pretty cool, till I tiled the pattern and zoomed out.  Wow, that’s an eyesore.

Chart 3


Chart 3:
Snowflakes:  I liked this chart, wait, no I don’t.


Chart 4

Chart 4:
Snowflakes: Placed diagonally… nope.  Looks like another sweater I’ve seen.


Chart 5


Chart 5:
Band: The one section of the band I like best.  Only issue, I’d have long floats and I don’t feel like trapping them.

Charts 5.1 and 5.2


Chart 5.1 and 5.2:
Still too many stitches in between.


Chart 5.3


Chart 5.3:
Voila!  I think I like this.  The two darker colors are similar so it won’t matter if I use less of one of them and no long floats to worry about.



Once I got UCS Chart 5.3 tiled out I rearranged the repeat to start where I want it to.  I should probably figure out how many stitches to CO at some point… and to center the chart on the sweater.  I think this deserves another coffee.

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