The Ugly Christmas Sweater is Indecisive

 As with most knitting related things I change my mind half a dozen times before committing.  The yarn wants to be something else, the colors aren’t working together, making an entire cardigan on US 2s loses its thrill by the time you get to the sleeves.  The usual issues.  This time I decided to think things through carefully, before buying the yarn.  Because what I usually do is buy the yarn and don’t use it for that project.  *So then I buy some more yarn, rep from * ten more times.  You get the picture.

The Ugly Christmas Sweater has been a dream of mine for a while.  I really want one.  I just never got around to making one.  The idea has been percolating for a while, originally it was going to be white Fair Isle designs on tonal shades of pink backgrounds.  Then I found an old chart I had assembled in Excel (from August 2014).  The background was just one color.  Navy.  A little more modern take on the sweater.  I decided to go with that idea.  Then I remembered that I really like the Madelinetosh Electric Rainbow colorway.  On second thought, that might be too crazy, even for me.  I decided to look through the Brooklyn Tweed Arbor yarns.  I had conveniently gotten a couple of gift cards from Christmas for BT and PurlSoho.  Eureka, there are some really nice purplish/brown shades.  Maybe I’ll do that!  Back to the chart!

I have a bit of a tendency to do things slightly backwards.  Technically I should buy a couple of skeins and make a gauge swatch hat.  Will I do that?  Nope.  I’m going to do my usual guestimating and then be incredulous when I can’t figure out why I ended up with a sweater large enough to fit the abominable snowman.

Bad Ideas (in no particular order):

  1. I found a DK weight sweater knit bottom up in the round. I will use those numbers and make a size 40.  I’ll force the charts to fit correctly.
  2. I don’t wanna gauge swatch. Instead, I’m going to use this train of thought: with Madelinetosh DK Twist on US 3 I get 22.5 sts = 4”.  Knit flat (stop laughing).  The pattern tension is 24 sts.  When I knit in the round my gauge is a bit tighter.  But when I knit stranded color work, it’s looser.  So, I’ll end up with around the same original gauge.  I refuse to go down to US 2 needles to knit this and I am not in the mood to make the smaller size and hope it’s larger.  The plan: make the larger size and it’ll either end up being my size exactly or a little larger, which I’m cool with.    End of story.
  3. Blurgh, I need US 2s for the ribbing. I wonder where they went.  I have three or four different fixed circs and two Hiya Hiya Sharp tips.  Maybe I’ll just put that shawl that’ll never get done on some scrap yarn and use those needles…

Stay tuned to see how this turns out!  I’m just as curious as you are.

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