On My Needles

I have 22 WIPS on my needles.  That’s not bad for me.  I actually started finishing some things lately.  I’ve been going through them to see what I can knock out quickly.  Most of my WIPS are 85% done.  I’m still trying to figure out why I left them aside.  Oh, right, I have a china cabinet full of shiny new yarn.  It calls to me like sirens.  They can’t be ignored and they seem to multiply at a crazy rate.

Here’s a list of my WIPS.  I figure if I write them out I’ll feel guilty and knit faster.

  1. Hand-dyed Sock Yarn Socks: 12/2012. I have 2 toes and half an instep done.
  2. Dawn the Doll: 3/2013. Bought the kit at the first VKLIVE.  She only needs arms and legs.
  3. Vintage Pullover: 12/2013. Saw a girl with a cool sweater on the subway so I surreptitiously photographed it.  Second sleeve is almost done.
  4. OHMYGOSH, this is taking way too long. Time to condense.
    1. A vest with only a back. I ran out of yarn for the front
    2. A doll with just a foot knit
    3. A blanket, no scratch that, 2 blankets
    4. A hippo missing a nose. Snout?
    5. A shawl
    6. A shawl
    7. A sheep
    8. A sweater 90% done
    9. A vest 85% done
    10. Some of my own designs: all over the place as far as progress

I’m staring at my screen blankly right now.  Breath… breath… If I work on one project at a time and finish one a month, I’ll still need 2 years to finish.  That’s besides my SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy, for you non-knitters).  I think I need a coffee…

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