I’m Bored

I’m bored, so I decided to build a website.  I suppose there are other things I could do with my time but this seemed a bit better than getting another tattoo or dying my hair a strange color.  Besides, I’ve run out of colors.

My knitting anniversary is coming up and I thought this website would be a good way to honor a craft which has changed my life in a large way.

Other than the fact that I’m swimming through yarn at home, I’ve met so many wonderful people who have gone on to become good friends.  “A”, who is my memory and my voice-of-reason when I have an outrageous idea that hasn’t been thought through.  “A2”, who “makes beautiful balls [of yarn]”, “T”, whom I taught to knit in 5 hours and then she went on to design a hat with minimal help and work on a cardigan.  And of course, the various teachers who share their knowledge and tips with such enthusiasm.  And patience.  With me.

I still have disasters though.  You know, the usual “knitting with the tail instead of the ball” and I actually purled on a knit side after laughing at someone else who had done that.  Karma’s a bitch.

The most recent one was a new one for me though.  I picked up the Rivage Coat by Julie Hoover, a Brooklyn Tweed pattern.  Rivage has been on my needles for a little over a year.  That’s not too bad for me considering I still have projects from 2014 that I haven’t finished.  I left myself extensive notes on the pattern, in pencil, blue pen and yellow highlighter.  I was so proud of myself.  I found out where I had left off.  Except it made no sense.  I stared at the thick pattern.  Why am I purling this when it’s obviously a knit?  Why did I deduct 3 rows?  I mean, I’m making it quite a bit shorter but where on earth did the number 3 come from?  I was just about to plug on ahead when the pattern fell.  And opened.  Ohhhh… more notes, on the inside of the folded page.  I’m working on the left front, NOT the right front.  That makes much more sense.

I knit a few rows.  Cut a piece of highlighter tape, drew an arrow on it and stuck it down hard at the row I’m up to.  There.  Now I’ll know what I’m up to in December of 2018.

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